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Welcome to Schutte Stair Company

When it comes to your stairs, contact the best!

Our professionals are experts in elements of staircase form and function.  It would be our privilege to assist you with the design, construction, and installation of the StairSpace in your new home or remodel.


Although constructed strictly for transition purposes, a beautifully designed staircase speaks to the owner's sense of style and personality.  Schutte Stair Company craftsmen create a finished product customized to your specifications.  We offer a wide variety of staircase options, from paint grade carpet stairs, to deck stairs, to open tread finished stairs made with the finest hardwoods.


Whether it be beautiful natural wood treads or a sculptured stringer, the ribbon that ties the staircase elements together and challenges the eye is the balustrade.  The handrail, balusters, and newel create an environment that speaks to all who enter.

Schutte Stair Company offers a complete line of traditional and contemporary handrails in a variety of hardwoods to assist your balustrade remodel.  An entirely new look can be created with your existing handrail by upgrading balusters to a different color, material, or style.  Make a statement with the newel post, the "anchor" of the balustrade.  We offer a wide selection of newel post options to compliment your staircase.

Schutte Stair Company can help transform your StairSpace into an exquisite showpiece reflecting your individual style.  So take the next step - visit our showroom or call us at 513-561-5700.  Let our professionals work with you to make your design ideas a reality!


Upon entering the front door, what is the first impression?

Does the space that dominates the entry of your home, welcome, enthrall and captivate?

Your StairSpace is capable of all of that. 

Whether it be beautiful natural wood treads, or a sculptured stringer, the ribbon that ties the elements and challenges the eye is the balustrade. The newel, the balusters, the handrail, create an environment, a climate, yes, a state of mind, that speaks to all who enter, yet, never utters a word. 

Here at the Schutte Stairs Company Inc., home of StairSpace, we are enhancing our balustrade department with craftsman, designers and professionals with one purpose. To design and build the absolute finest StairSpace experience available.

Explore the experience, we can deliver, to your home.

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